Opinion Editorials, Policy Briefs and Other Commentary

CTV Morning Live in Saskatoon: Would a basic income work in Canada?, July 15, 2020.

Unpublished Cafe: Guaranteed annual income, June 14, 2020.

National Post: To address the needs of Canadians during the COVID-19 crisis, we need a targeted basic income (with Dionne Pohler, Rafael Gomez, Marc-Andre Pigeon and Murray Fulton), March 23, 2020.

Johnson Shoyama Graduate School Policy Brief: Targeted basic income: An equitable policy response to COVID-19 (with Dionne Pohler, Rafael Gomez, Marc-Andre Pigeon and Murray Fulton), March 18, 2020.

National Post: Now that Ontario’s basic-income pilot has been cancelled, here’s what could happen next (with Dionne Pohler), August 15, 2018.

Online Blog: A critique of basic income pilots following the Ontario government's announced cancellation (with Dionne Pohler), August 5, 2018.

Basic Income Canada Network: How to design a basic income for Canada (with Robin Boadway and Katherine Cuff), September 20, 2017.

Media Coverage

Le Devoir: Mieux que le revenu minimum garanti (by Olivier Jacques), August 13, 2020.

Global News: Coronavirus pandemic raises question: Is it time for a basic income? (by Maryam Shah), April 22, 2020.

Huffington Post: Feds miss chance to test universal basic income amid crisis (by Daniel Tencer), March 19, 2020.

Halifax Examiner: The evidence for a basic income program (by Suzanna Rent), May 1, 2019.

TVO: Why there could be a silver lining to the cancellation of the basic-income pilot (by John Michael McGrath), September 17, 2018.

ETC: Här är basinkomst inte bara en vänsterfråga (by Erik Kjellberg), April 16, 2018.

Basic Income Canada Network: Queen’s University professor says basic income could be financed for all Canadians (Interview with Robin Boadway), August 23, 2017.

Niskanen Center: Bad arguments against a child allowance (by Samuel Hammond), May 11, 2017.

Global News: Who benefits from Canada’s Universal Child Care Benefit? (by Anna Mehler Paperny), July 15, 2015.