Opinion Editorials and Blog Posts

National Post: Now that Ontario’s basic-income pilot has been cancelled, here’s what could happen next (with Dionne Pohler), August 15, 2018.

Online Blog: A Critique of Basic Income Pilots Following the Ontario Government's Announced Cancellation (with Dionne Pohler), August 5, 2018.

The Case for Basic Income: How to design a basic income for Canada (with Robin Boadway and Katherine Cuff), September 20, 2017.


Halifax Examiner: The evidence for a basic income program (by Suzanna Rent), May 1, 2019.

TVO: Why there could be a silver lining to the cancellation of the basic-income pilot (by John Michael McGrath), September 17, 2018.

ETC: Här är basinkomst inte bara en vänsterfråga (by Erik Kjellberg), April 16, 2018.

The Case for Basic Income: Queen’s University professor says basic income could be financed for all Canadians (Interview with Robin Boadway), August 23, 2017.