Teaching Assistant (Graduate)

Centre of Industrial Relations and Human Resources, University of Toronto
2018-2021 Foundations and Current Issues in Industrial Relations and Human Resources
2020 Data Analytics and Metrics for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
2017 Applied Statistics in Industrial Relations/Human Resource Management
Department of Business, MBA Program, Wilfrid Laurier University
2014 Introduction to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Teaching Assistant (Undergraduate)

Department of Management, University of Toronto Scarborough
2021 Economics of Training and Education
Department of Political Science, University of Toronto Mississauga
2016-2017 Research Methods Course Evaluations
Department of Economics, Queen’s University
2016 Canadian Tax Policy
2015 Economic Aspects of Selected Social Issues
Department of Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University
2015 Answering Questions in Political Science: Research in Practice
2014 Asking Questions in Political Science: An Introduction to Research
2014 Introduction to Modern Politics: The State
2013 Introduction to Modern Politics: Structures and Processes of Government